Gold Belong Tour Tote

Gold Belong Tour Tote

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If the year is somewhere around 1355 BC and you're wearing linen embroidered with gold, you must be King Tut's queen. If it's about 1520 AD and you're wearing cloth of gold at the English court, you must be a member of the royal family. If it's 2000 and you're strutting your golden-clad stuff on the catwalk, you must be a model for Christian Dior, Prada, or Gucci.

But if it's now and you're rocking the carpool lane, business lunch, or girls' night out with a gold tote swung over one shoulder, you must be a BELONGer.

Gold has always been a symbol of glamour and this bag is no exception. This shimmery beauty adds understated elegance to any look, even that oversized tee/yoga pants/messy bun thing you've got going on. Nobody needs to know what you have inside, so you can stuff it with baby wipes, emergency chocolate, crumpled receipts, whatever, and still look like the amazing woman you are. 

This fabulous BELONG Tour tote is great for all occasions. The BELONG Tour logo is debossed on one side, and the straps are just the right length.